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Let me guess. You've gone through specialized trainings... maybe you're even certified in your industry. You know you have a gift for helping others but right now, business is feeling like it's at a standstill. Because there is just so much to consider. You don't even know where to start but you're tired of waiting to make your dream business become a reality.

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Here's the thing... I know exactly what you're going through.


Because I've been there. I remember starting my first business online and having no clue what I was getting into. But 10 years of business experience has taught me some incredible lessons.

Like what it takes to start a business on the right foot on the path for success.

That's what Authentic Biz Building Bootcamp is all about.

Friend, I'm going to walk you through everything you need to know about starting your business. We're leaving no stone unturned.

Over the course of six weeks, you'll build the confidence and know how to start your business (or keep growing your business!) without feeling overwhelm, burnout or mental fatigue.

Because the truth is that you've started a business to make an impact. And in order to make an impact, you have to get started.

And getting started shouldn't hold you back.

Because you are ready to build an authentic biz.

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I thought you'd never ask! Friend, like I said. We're leaving no stone unturned. Here's the breakdown of Authentic Biz Building Bootcamp.

Module One : Getting Started

In this module, we're covering everything you need to know to get into the entrepreneurial mindset. We're digging in deep, breaking down our mental blocks and preparing our business for legitimate success.

Module Two : Building Your Foundation

You know you want to start a business but did you know you need to create a brand? This week is all about creating your brand for yourself and your people so that you become a recognizable force online.

Module Three: Getting Online

Let's just take the guesswork out of setting up shop. This module is designed to help you create a powerful online platform. No worrying about whether or not you've set up your online home correctly and if your website will even be found!

Module Four : Getting Client Ready

You've already got the skill. You've got the training. Isn't it time to ready yourself for clients. We're going to set the stage for a smooth client process; everything from agreements and contract to taking payments and keeping it all organized.

Module Five : Getting Visible

You've got to be seen in order to get those clients! This module is all about marketing! We're covering all the bases here so that you can meet your people where they are and where you want to be.

Module Six : Systems and Automation

Running a business is a lot of work. But successful entrepreneurs know one thing for certain. Systems make managing a business so much easier. And that's what you'll be doing this week. Creating a business that works harder for you.

It's a lot to learn but we're going to make it fun and break it down into simple, actionable steps for you. And the best part? You're not going it alone! By enrolling in Authentic Biz Building Bootcamp, you'll not only get the course curriculum, but will be invited to our private student community, the collective, where you can connect with other like-minded women who are growing their biz just like you!

Within 6 weeks, you're going to be well on your way

to being a business pro. Are you ready?

Enroll in this program for just $397!

Meet Your Instructor

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Erin Shebish is a Success Mindset Coach for Female Entrepreneurs and a member of the Conscious Coaching Collective Alumni. Her passion is helping women find their version of success by gaining clarity, direction, and confidence while eliminating the doubt that may surround pursuing their dreams. She’s driven by helping others in an impactful way. You can find Erin’s work featured on platforms such as Huffington Post, Think Creative Collective and the Savvy Community. You can connect with Erin at ErinShebish.com or on Instagram at @erinshebish.

She is based in South Central Pennsylvania but her clients and community are located worldwide. When she’s not working, you can find Erin at home, with a sweet tea in hand. More often than not, she’s chasing 3 boys around, with her husband right beside her. It’s also important to know she’s rarely without a cat on her lap and a smile on her face.


I don’t have my coaching business started yet, is this course for me?

Love this question and love that there is intention around how you are spending your time, energy, and investment…and wanting to make sure that it is allocated in the most helpful ways!!!  I can suggest that one of the hardest parts in STARTING your coaching business is that you don’t know exactly WHERE to start…kind of a chicken or the egg argument, right?! This course will give you the EXACT TOOLS on how to get started…so in 6 weeks, you will feel like you are empowered through mindset, strategy, and in utilizing KEY tools in your business that will help your coaching business run with fun, ease, confidence, and flow!  In summary, YESSSSS! 

I don’t know who my ideal clients are yet…is it worth it to learn how to launch my business when this is still unclear?

It can be hard to imagine how you are going to be running your coaching business when you aren’t 100% sure about the types of clients you will be working with. But I can tell you that through coaching, mindset work, and really understanding who you feel most connected to/want to work with, you will begin to have a very clear idea of who your type of person is…and you will want to start attracting them ASAP!!!  This course will lay the framework for getting your coaching business off the ground…and sometimes we may (or may not) work with our ideal clients in the beginning…even if this feels unclear to you in this present moment, you WILL NEED this foundation at some point, and it would be amazing to have all of this foundation built AND be ready to meet with/attract your ideal clients!

I am not a Coach…is this course still for me?

While we have a lot of Coaches in this program, this is open to any small business/creative/entrepreneur who is hoping to launch a business because MANY of the elements of running a business are uniform throughout industries! This is 100% appropriate and will be helpful no matter what your business is!

I have been running my business for awhile…will this course still benefit me?

Friend…are you interested in exploring how you can create streamlined systems, processes, and onboarding in your business? Are your systems running automatically, do you have the behind the scenes tech set up as efficiently as you would like, do you have contracts with your clients that feel good and easy to customize, do you have a payment system that is easy and simple?  Would you want to get more visible online and learn how to best connect with your ideal clients?  Do you want to gain strategy about lead generation for new clients and understand where to find your ideal clients?  These are just A FEW of the things that you will be learning about and strategically adapting to your business…so even if you have been a seasoned business owner, ANYONE can benefit from making these shifts so YOUR BUSINESS IS WORKING FOR YOU!!!

Is there anyone this course is NOT appropriate for?

If you are someone that feels as though your business is working amazingly well and you are extremely happy with all your systems, processes, onboarding, tech, website, contracts, visibility, lead generation, and mindset…then this course probably wouldn’t be the best investment for you!