Top 3 Tips for Choosing a Life Coach Training Program

Life Coaching and the coaching industry in general is one of the fastest growing industries. In the U.S. the estimated market value for personal coaching was $955 million in 2015 and $1.02 billion in 2016, and this number is expected to continue to rise with a 6.7% yearly growth rate from 2016 to 2022. There is no better time to investigate coaching as a legitimate profession.

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While you may have knowledge about the growing trend of coaches and have had whispers of wanting to pursue this profession, there may have been hesitations for number of reasons. Potential students I have spoken with have expressed their desire to make a difference and contribute to positive change in others, but didn’t feel confident in their ability to coach; they felt confused how they would do coaching and what this would look like for them. Other students have said they didn’t know what their niche would be, and felt uneasy imagining themselves immersed in coaching when they were unsure about what they would be focused on the coaching sessions and how they would specifically positive influence their client. And finally, some potential students have shared their fears about investing in themselves when they have many other important obligations and roles in their lives, including being a Mom and having a ‘day’ job.

Maybe you see yourself in some of these thoughts and wonder how coaching might be integrated with you, friend, but maybe you also feel the need to at least EXPLORE what you would need to do to feel informed about the coaching industry and what getting trained in this area would entail. I am going to provide a list of my Top 3 Tips here for what YOU should be looking for in potential coaching programs to help you re-calibrate your thoughts and feel grounded with whatever decision you decide is right at the current time.

1. Know you have options and there will be a ‘right’ program for you.

There are MANY coach training programs out there and while this is amazing to have so many choices, I think it can also be a little overwhelming! While you are investigating programs, you should be looking for reference to the ICF, or International Coaching Federation. The training program should either be accredited by the ICF, or have program standards aligned with the standards set forth by the ICF. The ICF is considered the ‘gold standard’ of coaching, and as such, it speaks to the program validity if their training is aligned with this organization.

2. Integrity is KEY.

With the onset of online ‘everything’, it can be easy to portray something with adorable branding pictures, inspiring graphics, and amazing copy. Even though our connection and energy that we experience landing on a website of a training program is important, we need to know that the individuals educating us are well-trained in the areas that they will be teaching you. When you land on a coach training website, it should be READILY AVAILABLE who the instructors are and what their credentials are. It does not cut it to have ‘life experience’ or someone who has ‘learned through their own mishaps’; in training future coaches, educators must have an appropriate background in specific training in a helping profession.

3. Schedule a conversation to further determine fit and vibe.

I recommend making a list of about 3 programs that feel like a good fit, and then I would invite you to schedule a conversation with someone on their program team to further refine your choices. On this phone call, there should be no pressure to make a decision in the moment (or some type of instant sales pitch that if you purchase on the phone, you save more money: this would be a red flag and no-go), rather, the person on the program training team should be operating in your best interest and helping you make the best decision for your training goals and current needs. And, the conversation should be viewed as an extension of the program. How you feel on the phone with the person might be a reflection of how you might feel in the program. Did they respond to you warmly, did they answer all your questions, did they seem in a hurry, did they uphold the boundaries of the phone call length, etc. These are all meaningful pieces of information that can help you make a decision.

Overall, researching and finding a life coach training program should be an exciting time and adventure!!! There are so many wonderful options depending on a students’ style, vibe, personality, goals, and budget!

Know you have time to make a decision, and that the coaching program should have your best interest and heart in mind. YOU ARE RIGHT ON TIME.

Is there something that you felt was important in researching a program that wasn’t listed here? If so, please reach out…we would love to hear from you!

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