4 Simple Steps to Get Unstuck in Your Business

You might know the feeling…we have the urgency to go somewhere but are pretty much sitting still; feeling unmotivated, overwhelmed, and TIRED. We are tired of the hustle, tired of feeling behind, tired of watching others success (not that you're not happy for them, but why can't we pull it all together ourselves and finally FEEL the success we think is at our fingertips?!), tired of not getting clients and selling ANYTHING, tired of paying for a coach or programs or the infrastructure to run our business (seeing little results), TIRED OF BEING TIRED.

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Anyone here?

And if you are, you might know what I am going to say next. This experiencing is not exclusive to just you, many of us feel the same sentiments and emotional hiccups and discouragement.  Sometimes, I would love to conduct a study to assess how entrepreneurs perceive and emotionally cope with being a self-starter. I would also be excited explore the impact of the constant messages that fill our feeds of all the ‘success’ we see around us. Not that watching others success is a ‘bad’ thing, but not only is not always based in reality or giving the full picture of a situation, but it may also increase the likelihood of us fueling ourselves with thoughts and self-comparison where we are spinning and never doing enough and never where we want to be (though we have those sprinkles of inspiration...just enough to keep us going and dreaming and charging forward!!!!!).

Just like important topics in our culture is sometimes taboo, I feel like our acknowledgement and sharing of STRUGGLE is sometimes invisible...we can share our struggle, but it must be framed in a specific way...the ugly, overwhelm that is feels like it gets put away to be socially-acceptable-framed.

So what if you are someone is in the 'entrepreneur darkness'...always watching everyone pass on by and feeling all those 'feelings' about where you are? Here are 4 things to explore when you are looking to get unstuck in your business.

1. CLARITY...is there any part of you that is unsure about what you are doing, selling or sharing, we will not be able to represent our authentic selves to others, and they will not connect with us!!! This can represent some deeper (but completely do-able!!!) work; who we are and how this is manifested in our business, and how our business is a manifestation of OURSELVES. More clarity can significantly impact how and what we share, and how others will perceive YOU/your business!

2. OVERWHELM...can we start untangling the overwhelm that we might be experiencing?  That is, what pieces are playing into the overwhelm and how can we start to identify them? Becoming aware of what these pieces are is massively important (is it the clarity, is it being unsure of ourselves, are there fears about getting out there or around success/failure, etc), so we can start to work through and with them.

3. SEASONS...can we acknowledge and give ourselves permission to embrace and be within our current Season?  Sometimes we might actually be doing all we can do but run against other obstacles; we can't find more time between juggling home and kids and our other jobs, we might have health issues we can't control, we might be taking care of other family members, we might have other special circumstances that others may not realize or know the heaviness that it can feel. Friend, you are in a Season and we need to both embrace and see what we can do within our Season. Sometimes chatting about this with someone else can give a balanced perspective because holding all of this on our own is HARD. See if there is any wiggle room and move within it. If you feel as though you are completely boxed in, maybe it is time to take a breather to get energy and LIFE back. Acknowledging and exploring this with someone can be helpful!!!

4. INSULATION...being a part of an online culture can be amazing and fun AND it can prey into our negative thoughts about ourselves. We may feel like we are behind because we are paying attention to everyone else who is 'ahead'.  How can you pull the focus back on YOU and YOUR AUTHENTIC MESSAGING and your mission, and use this to drive you! This may require more boundaries with engaging online, or this may require something I call a 'pop culture purge', an action where we identify the negative triggers and accounts and hide them for awhile-- maybe not forever but until we gain our own grounding! What are some things to might be able to do today to start more self-focus and less over-focus?

There are honestly many other reasons we can feel like we are discouraged and 'stuck in the slow lane' in our business (or life)...would you have any to add? If you have been through this and feel like you have a helpful tip, what would you share with others who do feel this way??? (And side note...we ALL feel waves of this at different times!!!)! 💛

And if you are in the middle of this, please reach out - THIS IS WHAT I CAN HELP WITH through my monthly business mentorship coaching!!! Please use this link to schedule a free consultation chat...I would be honored to support and help you in transforming from thinking about to BECOMING. 💛

Sending hugs and encouragement!!!