A holiday comes...a holiday goes. Magic mixed with darkness. A strange holding of two opposing experiences, subtle and strong in their own ways. We love this time of year, and we feel uneasy around this time of year.

The expectation of being happy feels like a burden.

We aren’t sure how we are supposed to feel at this time of year. The lights and ‘merry+joy’ signs and upbeat holiday music and festive stress make us want to get caught up in it all. Except we can’t...sometimes we know why and sometimes there doesn’t seem to be a real reason.

It catches us off guard.


We feel disconnected from the energy of the season. We feel alone and slightly detached from the spirit around us. We watch our surroundings and the people around us moving and talking, but don’t feel immersed in them or uplifted by them.


We are ALLOWED to be happy + uneasy + sad (even without an identified reason) + grateful + whatever else we think or feel TODAY and throughout the extended holiday season. And, the holiday season is meant to be experienced in your authentic state. And your authentic state does not have to exclude the bad or good feelings...it can hold ALL the feelings.

Friend, come as you are. Be in the moment and holiday season as you need/want to be. Embrace the good + uncomfortable + the warmth that is around you. Be open to the invitation of love from those that care about you.