Outside of my role with the Conscious Coaching Collective, I have worked as a Psychology Professor and Adjunct Faculty for many years. Interestingly, I have found many ways to explain what we do today in the online biz world using the SAME research and facts from models and theories that explain various phenomenon in psychology.

One of the first variables entrepreneurs mention as being helpful to their business is their ability to BE MEMORABLE. That is, when a potential clients needs a specific type of services and support, we want to be the ones thought of first as someone who can fill this need and help them out! The Information Processing Model of Memory shares how we move information from sensory to working memory (short term) to long term memory stores. One of the first things we need to do to even move information from sensory to working memory is to ATTEND. That is, paying attention to whatever information we come across. Unfortunately, we have to censor and choose what is most relevant to us because we are completely inundated with stimuli ALL DAY, from when we are driving to how we walk through the grocery aisles to running our business. We will ONLY pay attention to what is most necessary to survive or help us out, otherwise, the information is useless to us.

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Transferring this data to online biz world means we CANNOT rely on formulas and copy and gimmicks that we see all the time to stand out. Eyes will glaze over and NONE of this information will move past sensory memory because there is too much of ‘the same’ and it becomes repetitive to see the same information every day (cue 'how I retired my hubby' to 'follow these 6 simple steps to earn 10k months', etc).  Once information is in the working memory, it needs 'elaboration rehearsal' (simply put: making information meaningful) to be effectively moved to long term memory stores. Once it is long term memory, the information/stimuli/person will be remembered and able to be accessed when necessary!

Now, here are some important points to translate USING the Information Processing Model of Memory to your business and online self/strategy: 

1) You NEED to access your unique take on what you are doing and share it in your own way to stand out!  I strongly value creativity when I work with my clients because I never want to be doing whatever anyone else is doing (at least as much as possible), and this should be a welcome message to you too. Sometimes we might feel pressure to put ourselves in a box (we think there is only one way we are 'supposed' to do things) when instead, we should gives ourselves PERMISSION to break out! Your biggest asset is the way YOU see the world and how you will contribute to change...in your clients and business and your own life!

2) Even when you don't think people are really listening to you (cue few likes or comments on your posts)...impact might be measured by others knowing who you are and what you are about. Through your posts, they know what type of person you are (and may like you for your values and sentiments) and when they need something, they will come to you! They have REMEMBERED who you are because of repeated exposures from the times you have posted...they have attended because you have shared of yourself on a different and authentic way.

3) What you share MEANS something and to even have someone notice us (moving from sensory to short term memory), we must be sharing of ourselves. If you are someone who is not sure what you should be posting, think about your ideal client(s) and what they need today. What might they be thinking or feeling? What do they need to hear from you? How can YOU help them in your message? Give yourself permission to get out there even if feels uncomfortable or makes you a little uneasy. THIS feeling sometimes means you are doing the right thing...it can feel uncomfortable and that is a good thing!

Overall, I want you to feel as though you CAN and SHOULD be doing what is best for you and your business, from the way you communicate to your services to your copy; it should be unique and 100% you (no need to share gimmicky language or the copy we are tired of).  Please ALLOW yourself to be expressed (without judgment) because this will not only feel good, but you are more likely to stand out from the online crowd...

See more. Be more. You are more. 💛