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You are a fellow heart-helper and need help in different areas of your business. You may have a pretty clear idea on what your needs are, or you may feel like you are sitting in overwhelm not quite sure what to prioritize and where to go.  You want things to change, you know things can change, you are READY for change.



We invite you to drop any guilt or shame or negative thoughts that you might have toward yourself because you just couldn’t figure out or complete #allthethings.  Regardless if you feel like you are 10 steps behind or where you should be, we want you to know that you are right on time…and that we will walk forward together with you to help you step into the courage that you already have, boldly sharing your truth through the gifts that you have to offer.


At The Creative Co. by the CCC, we believe in supporting global women through authenticity, heart, connection, and empowerment.  We also believe in the power of our own intuition and inner wisdom, and use this throughout the process of our work.  You are your guide, though we are there every step of the way to help you in whatever goals and endeavors you are trying to reach.  We offer a variety of services that can help elevate your business, including website creation, branding design, optimizing systems and processes, connecting the tech/backend of websites and e-mail systems, developing nurture/relationship sequences, brainstorming and creating aligned opt-ins, making beautiful branded handouts and PDFs, and optimizing visibility via media and PR. 

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BECAUSE STANDING BOLDLY AND BRAVELY IN OUR BUSINESS GIVES US THE COURAGE TO SHARE OUR GIFTS ...join us in this FREE mini e-course and start 2019 with renewed intention, heart, and drive! (6).png

Simple Squarespace Website
Streamlining Your Existing Squarespace Site
Brand Personality Assessment + Creation
Sales Funnel Brainstorming + Creation + Implementation
Opt-In Brainstorming + Creation + Implementation
Logo Design 
Copy Editing
Social Media Management
Social Media Audit + Recommendations
Landing Page/Sales Page Design
Visual Marketing Strategy
Tech Support for Email Campaigns
Media Outreach + PR

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If it feels like your goals our style and type of work would be a good fit, we invite you to sign up for a Connection Chat. Following this conversation, we will follow up with a proposal of services, estimated investment, and timeline.  And…then we can get started!  We would be honored to link arms together and walk forward bravely and beautifully with you together.

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The Creative Co. has provided integral insight to our brand during a moment of growth that required a special level of attention to detail. Not only has the CC followed through on every deliverable, they have also maintained a steady, collaborative level of communication that has made a stressful moment in leveling up our business feel empowering, creative, and fun. Their expert business-building knowledge coupled with their passion and focus has allowed us to see possibilities for building out our brand with confidence and clarity. In just a few short months, we’ve felt the impact of partnering with these women in a huge way.

- Izzy and Christie