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Life Coach Training FAQ's

What is the cost of the program?

The cost of the ‘Self-Study’ Program is $1800.  All program fees MUST be paid in full to receive your Certificate of Completion for the program.


The self-study program can be initiated as soon as YOU ARE READY!!!  That is one of the benefits of this program in that it can fit really well with whatever roles and commitments you might have in your life. The content is self-paced, though we have opportunities for live interaction with other self-study students and the Course Facilitator each month! 


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How does the self-study program work?

The Life Coach Self-Study Program is self-paced and dripped out over the course of 12 weeks. That is, each week for 12 weeks, a new unit will be provided. You will have access to all previous units as well as the current week you are working on. We encourage you to create your own personalized 'syllabus' (we give you the template!) so you can decide when you want to complete each unit, and the timing of the units can blend well with whatever Season of life you might be in. Our goal is for you to complete the program within a 6 month time frame, but we want you to create your plan for doing so depending on your personal circumstances...which is honestly the beauty of a self-study program! We have also added additional opportunities for LIVE interaction throughout the self study. For example, we hold virtual 'hangouts' where we might chat about course material, explore a case study, answer questions from the course material, or simply support each other!  These virtual 'hangouts' occur once a month, and add a more personable and interactive component that is not often found in self-study programs!  We are COMPLETELY committed to having our students feel confident, empowered, and excited about the life coaching curriculum and have attempted to set up a program that would support the most personal and professional growth possible! 

When the 12 modules have been completed (including all assignment submissions), students are awarded a Certificate of Completion.  You will also receive a CCC Certified Coach Badge, that you can put on your website and marketing materials. In addition, all students in the Self-Study Program are immediately part of the CCC Community, and will have life-long access to our online group formed by current students and alumni.  If you choose, you can also be added to our online CCC Coach Directory..


What will we have to do to complete the course?


In order to get the Certificate of Completion for the Life Coaching Self-Study Program, you will need to have successfully watched each weekly video lesson (12 total), completed homework assignments and submitted them for review to the appropriate dropbox area, completed the Coaching-Partner Exercises to practice skills, and participate in an Exit Interview.  The Exit Interview will be scheduled when all course requirements are completed, and will be 30 minutes in length discussing your knowledge of the coaching and YOU as the most important agent of change in the coaching relationship.  Once the Exit Interview is completed, your Course Mentor will be notified and you will be awarded your Coaching Certificate! 


What can I do once I have completed the course?  Can I call myself a Coach?  Can I call myself a Certified Coach?


So many questions, right?!  Let’s get this fact straight…the coaching industry is UNREGULATED.  What this means is that you literally don’t have to have ANY education and can call yourself a Coach.  Kinda crazy, right?!  This slightly alarmed us too (as Psychologists and Coaches), thus, contributed us wanting our program to be aligned with the HIGHEST standards of competency in the field, which is through the standards put forth by the International Coaching Foundation.  The ICF is the global leader for coaching education.  We have thoroughly reviewed these standards and ensured that our curriculum is fully competent in all areas of content, including ethics, coaching skills, homework exercises, materials, and qualifications of training staff.  And as a student of our self-study program, you can feel FULLY confident that you will be receiving the necessary competencies and experiences to be a thoughtful and impactful life coach in your industry.


Many of our past students now call themselves Certified Coaches.  This is a personal decision and one that we cannot legally dictate for you because the coach industry is unregulated.  However, you will have graduated from a certified program and you will have gone through rigorous educational standards.  What you decide to call yourself from this is up to you (and of course, we are here to help you think through your decision too!)! 



Our self-study program can start WHEN YOU ARE READY!  However, we have a cohort of students waiting to greet you, and a system that supports a built-in mentorship/peer group to connect and grow with!  When you enroll in the self-study, you will receive a Welcome Letter (outlining what you need to get started!) and will automatically be added to the program and can begin to connect with students that will be in your cohort via our private community!


What does your Program prepare us to do?


We have had MANY different types of women from various industries enroll in our programs!!!  For example, industries represented include Coaches in nutrition, healing, business, women in creative industries, women who were formerly therapists, women who were in MLM businesses and wanted to supplement to their passion in helping others.  Our program has the ability to help guide and empower women in pretty much ANY industry.  If you are someone who values self-reflection, growing from within and want to develop your skills in helping, nurturing, communicating, and leading, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.  The skills learned can literally apply to any industry and go beyond just learning skills…it is INTERNALIZING a new way of seeing yourself and how you can approach, lean in, and work authentically with clients and those around you.


Is there anything I should do prior to enrolling in the program?


There is nothing you need to do prior to enrolling in the program.  However, we would encourage you to think about which program fit your needs the best and start creating a mindset of growth where you are open to new ideas, opportunities, and YOUR potential…  J 


Is there role playing or how do I practice a skill I learn?


Throughout the program, you will be practicing the basic and advanced coaching skills that you are introduced to.  You will need to find a partner (it is usually helpful if it is someone from the program…and we can help you with this if necessary) and will be practicing skills starting in Week 3.  And, while you are practicing the skill, it will still take more time to fully embrace the mastery the skill, which only comes through time and continued practice (which will come!)! 

What if I decide this program isn’t right for me?  Can I quit?


When we get this question, we KNOW there can be uneasiness when making a big decision, and I am SURE this feels like a big (though hopefully right!) choice for you.  However, there is a difference between feeling a natural uneasiness about a decision and already feeling like you might need to walk away from something after a short amount of time for whatever reason.  If you are not sure if you are going to be able to commit to the program, it may be helpful to wait until you have more clarity on what you need at this moment and where different things (including this program) might be prioritized.  The CCC also retains the right to terminate your participation in the program if we deem a student unfit for the program or as a potential Life Coach.  After you begin the program, the investment will be non-refundable as you will already gain access to the CCC material. 


Is this program just for Coaches or can other professionals take it too?


While there are a lot of Coaches in our program, the curriculum and assignments can be beneficial to ANYONE who looking to advance their coaching, relationship, and leadership skills.  You will leave this program with an enhanced and acute self-awareness about how you see the world and how your lens influences your perceptions.  In addition, you will also be deeply exploring how YOU can positively and authentically help those around you overcome, feel uplifted, and set forward moving goals for things they aspire to.  In other words, THIS COURSE CAN APPLY TO ANYONE and can be greatly beneficial to work on the self, business, and relationships.

Media Training FAQ's



This training is for ANYONE who wants to get more visible in the media, and can apply to anyone in pretty much any industry. This is especially tailored for those that may struggle in putting themselves out there (for a multitude of reasons) and specifically helps to establish concrete strategies of what to do, how to do it, and what to expect within the process.


This masterclass will help you set the foundation for how you approach the media (in your thoughts, mindset, and attitudes), help you feel confident in putting yourself out there for both existing media opportunities and for those that you are want to create, identify concrete ways you can GET VISIBLE in the media TODAY (you can literally get started as soon as the training is complete!), give examples on what you can say if you spot an existing opportunity, explore what you can do to pitch an idea and help you be intentional in how you might go about this process, and finally give you resources for helping track, follow up with, and expand on media opportunities.


Getting into the media is unique and individualized depending on a person’s goals.  This can include everything from being quoted in a national media outlet to being on your local news to writing your own article to pitching a book idea to a publisher!  There is no linear process for getting into the media (e.g., you start at Point A and try to get to Point B), rather, it is personal for everyone, which is kind of the exciting part about it!!!  Literally if you can dream it, you can become it!!!


As you will learn throughout the masterclass training, our ability to PIVOT is extremely important.  We need to put on an ‘information-gathering’ hat when we are interacting with the media and learn as we go.  That is, if something is not working the first time, we may need to be creative in how we go about this process a second time!  There is no ‘right or wrong’ about this process, but it is a PROCESS and even if we are urgent for outcomes (e.g., being in the media!!!), we need to learn, be patient, be consistent, and be persistent in our efforts.  Thus, I am FULLY CONFIDENT that if you practice the strategies I have discussed in the training, you WILL be successful in getting more visible in the way you imagine yourself to be!  And if you are not successfully in the media after 60 days of practicing, tracking, and reaching out/responding to media opportunities (will need to show evidence of what you have done and what has happened), I would be happy to arrange a free 60-minute session with you to further help you out!!!  I have not been taken up on this offer yet, but I am happy to offer it as I feel EXTREMELY confident about what you will learn and can apply from the training!


I have received this question before, and have a few thoughts about it.  First, getting into the media does not mean you have to be comfortable on camera (in fact, you are not alone in this if you do experience this!!!).  Getting into the media can look different for every person, so even getting quoted in an article can be a great way to be seen and share about your expertise in a very ‘low-threat’ (e.g., you don’t need to talk in front of a camera!) way!  Second, there are some strategies you can practice if you do need to be on camera.  Deep breathing techniques, visualization, and your ability to focus are all factors that can influence how you perform in front of the camera, and are skills that you can learn and practice!  I would be happy to chat further about this if you need support in this area!


Feel free to reach out to me at Ariane.Machin@gmail.com and include in your subject line:  Media Training Question, or fill out the contact form on our website!