We believe in developing programs that empower transformative, global women who care deeply about making a positive impact in the world.  We encourage and value self-reflection and curiosity throughout the process of learning.  We recognize we have a duty to be intentional in how we care for ourselves and care for our clients, subsequently leading to the best presence of ourselves in life and business.  We also embrace the role of service as a necessity for expanding our positive reach and creating more joy, more peace, and more understanding in the world.



LIFE coach training 




The beginning of this story began in 2003 when two young graduate school students with blond hair and blue eyes met in their first counseling class! They immediately had a bond, as they were both soft-spoken yet competitive over-achievers who wanted to change the world. Throughout their grad school experience, Kelsey and Ariane grew into the best of friends, helping each other through the marathon that is a doctorate program and creating a lasting bond far beyond the classroom. In fact, Ariane was present when Kelsey met her husband at a wedding show and predicted in the car ride home that Kelsey would marry Ryan - which is exactly what happened 5 years later with Ariane by her side in her wedding! And Ariane was immediately connected to Kelsey through her kindred spirit, which was apparent immediately when she showed up on Ariane’s apartment doorstep with new clothes from The Limited (who was having a huge sidewalk sale!) and represented a type of kindness and understanding for the type of person she was. A simple gesture that had dynamic meaning. Over ten years later, these two gals remain the best of friends, supporting each other through many personal and professional successes and heartaches, and have found their empowered voice that drives their activism toward a more body positive culture, an environment that supports the perspective that we are always enough, and the messages that every single person deserves compassion and empathy and kindness (especially directed inward). This led to the official birth of the CCC in the summer of 2016 when Ariane and Kelsey had a seemingly uneventful chat on Facebook messenger exploring the possibilities of the future. Ariane simply stated how she dreamed of opening a coach training program and Kelsey couldn’t stop thinking about it! And, here we are now prepared to help future generations of soft-spoken, over-achiever women to find their voices and inner power on their personal and professional journeys through life!