"For so long, I've felt drawn to coaching. Helping others is a passion of mine and I knew that I wanted to turn it into a career and business. I'd gone through training before but despite that, I felt unqualified. Like I didn't have a true foundation to really dig deep with my clients. And then I found the Conscious Coaching Collective. I was immediately drawn to their Life Coach Training Program because of their obvious passion for the field and deep knowledge. Without a doubt, they did not disappoint. During my time with Ariane and Kelsey, I've learned so much about how to be a coach beyond just "asking the right questions." I've learned the science behind the practice and how to embody the coach I've dreamed of being. I feel equipped and empowered. 

Going through this program has been such a treat. Both Kelsey and Ariane connect with the students so well and show so much enthusiasm for what they teach. They're real, honest and extremely encouraging. If you're on the fence about signing up for the Life Coaching Program, just dive in. This is an investment that you will get so much from. Not just in your business but in your life as well!"

Erin Shebish, Former Student, Co-Founder of Wit + Wisdom, Creative Director of Yay Sugarcrumbs!


"I had been thinking about getting a coaching certificate for over a year and investigated many programs. When I discovered the Conscious Coaching Collectiv something in my gut said to go for it even though I tend to be a skeptic! I'm not only thrilled that I did, I'm relieved! Dr. Latimer and Dr. Machin care about not only their students, but the future clients of their students, and the coaching field. Training under them has been exhilarating, life-giving, and equipping. I immediately felt growth and results in myself while working with clients. After only a few class units, a previous coach of mine sent me a message that she's noticed some powerful shifts in my online presence. I trust CCC and highly recommend them for new coaches or practicing coaches that want to expand their hearts, tool belts, ethics, and credibility!" 

Rebecca Hart, Former Student, Founder of Rebecca Hart Consulting


"Ariane and Kelsey are experts in their fields. Their engaging and welcoming personalities truly add tremendous value to everything they do, including the coaching program. It is packed with information that make this program stand out from the rest. The program is set up with upmost professionalism, which provides you with the knowledge that you will be prepared and ready to help others. There is a touch of realness combined with facts and tons of material to challenge you to think compassionately, to listen, and to understand your clients, as well as grooming you to become a better coach and individual in general. I highly recommend that you take advantage of working with these women and learn from them, because what they offer is more than just a program. They offer feedback, substance, authenticity, and more. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn from the best. "

Melissa Fragomeni, Confidence and Empowerment Coach

"The Food Shift has changed the way I think about food, emotional eating, consistency and doing what feels right to me and for my body, nourishing my body the way nature intended and being mindful about the way in which I do that. Self care is a necessity. You need to take care of yourself in order to be able to take care of those you love. Ariane and Kelsey are two amazing women with hearts of gold, best of all - they have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in becoming the person you always wanted to be."

Jess Garay, RN


Video Testimonials 

Mariana Ruiz, Certified Business Coach

Ericka E.,  Women's Wellness Coach

Maureen Sweatman, Career Coach