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It’s time for you to step into your dream of being a business owner. It’s time for you to do business bravely. Join Biz Bravery, the mini course, to getting started on your journey.

You’ve got this dream. This ambition deep in your heart. You want to take the steps to start a business right where you are. But I can see something else. A little bit of apprehension. Fear. Something is holding you back. But what is it?

Friend. It’s time to get off the struggle bus and step into a joyful new business with confidence and joy.

Turn your anxiety into excitement with the Conscious Coaching Collectives FREE Biz Bravery Class.


Biz Bravery is a bite sized course designed to help you step out of the negativity that can often creep up on us when we’re beginning a new chapter of our lives. Over the course of 3 days, you’ll be challenged in your self talk, your doubts and insecurities so that you can not only get started on this exciting path but do so much authentic joy.

You’re going to learn…

What limiting beliefs are truly holding you back and how to overcome them.

How to end the decision paralysis and finally learn to make decisions that you can trust and believe in.

The true measure of success and how you can constantly be in alignment with that truth.

How to stop overwhelm before it even starts so that you can consistently be on track for life fulfilling work.

And so much more!


Ready to get started? Ready to feel confident, equipped and in charge of one of the most exciting chapters of your life? Here’s what you need to know! 

This mini course will be sent out via email. While the course is 100% free for you to access, you must sign up in order to receive the content.

➕Each day, over the course of 3 days, you’ll receive an email from the Conscious Coaching Collective containing your video lessons and other materials to help you start your business bravely!

➕Biz Bravery will OFFICIALLY begin January 7, 2019 to help you start your brand new year with success!

➕This course is being led by Erin Shebish, Success Mindset Coach and CCC Alumni.

➕You are going to walk away with confidence, clarity and so much more!



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